Website Design & Management

Pointscape designs, hosts and manages websites on behalf of a wide variety of clients, including real estate, property agents, hospitality, catering, entertainment and executive coaching & mentoring.

Pointscape not only designs the site, but will study your existing business services and/or products, any existing web presence, and provide guidance on the most effective structure for your site, including product and service positioning, competitor analysis, social media strategy and search engine optimization. We provide ongoing management of the sites developed, and provide a single all-inclusive yearly fee so that you don’t have to have any worries about escalating costs related to content changes, we’d rather you change as much as possible, and that charge includes hosting, domain names, emails, etc.. everything you need to get started.

All our websites are fully responsive and automatically adjust to the device(s) that your visitors may be using, smartphones, tablets and desktops.

In addition, Pointscape also provides bulk email and social media services related to the website, weekly or daily newsletters, product updates and promotions, calendar events (specials for Christmas or Valentine’s day for example, or a one time sale). Pointscape will design and structure email services to fit directly into the website and your business. We can publish to a bulk email list, facebook, linkedin, youtube, twitter, instagram, etc.. etc.. and emails can be full visual experiences, and/or include fallback plain text options for those with older email clients and/or smart Watches.

Some client sites:

Terrific Mentors

Mull Rentals

CQ Catering